The Tower is the superlative spinal articulation and inversion exercise that touts a multitude of benefits: circulation of the synovial fluid up and down the spine, opening of the meridians to encourage the free flow of energy throughout the body, relief of back pain, immobility and stiffness, increased blood flow to the head and face (aka: an instant facelift!),  creation of more back space in the body, encourages proper body alignment,  strengthens the Pilates scoop and improves verticality. It's among the top five exercises that devotees of Pilates love.

The Tower is also the name of the Pilates apparatus that this exercise is performed on. Using a spring loaded push through bar, you lie on your back with your feet positioned hip distance apart.  Extend your legs, push the bar upwards, continue the momentum until you reach the top of your shoulders. Without jamming your neck, gently lower the upper back, middle back, lower back, crest of the pelvis, sacrum and tailbone down to the mat while extending/lengthening your arms (as pictured here). The increased intervertebral space is felt immediately.  The back release is unbelievable.

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