Heads Up!


Proper placement of the head is an important aspect of verticality and structural integrity. Tension- free neck muscles, a lifted ribcage, and an open chest result when the head is properly positioned. As above, so below. Everything falls into place.  

When the muscles of head and neck are strong and fully functioning, it can easily support the  weight of an adult's head, which averages between 8 and 11 pounds.  Jutting the head forward or tilting it to the side may result in neck and shoulder strain, fatigued muscles and poor posture. Joseph Pilates' nifty neck stretcher, pictured here, is the perfect solution for muscle imbalances and mobility issues of the head and neck.

Why not stand head and shoulders about the rest?  This is not just an expression for stellar performance.  It  bespeaks of elegant posture, structural integrity and graceful movement.

Dallas FuentesComment