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The Studio


Expert Instruction

Perfect Parts Pilates is boutique studio offering expert instruction in the classical Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. While individuals of all life stages and ages are warmly welcome, I specialize in teaching adults 50 years and older. My emphasis is in equipping you with an understanding of how your body moves on different planes of motion, how to organize your body parts so that you move with grace, ease, awareness and strength and how to recruit the right muscle groups to execute the exercises. I focus on teaching you the details necessary for you to move with precision, control, coordination, encourage you to concentrate, provide verbal cueing so you can coordinate movement with breath and flow through the routines like choreographed dance.

Personalized Instruction

The small class size ensures that you remain under my attentive eye. The intimacy and relaxed studio setting is a refreshing alternative, and is far superior, to noisy gyms and fitness centers with large classes and impersonalized instruction. There’s no need to compete for an instructor’s attention or struggle along because you’re in the back of the class. By virtue of the fact that there are fewer students, your learning curve will be short and you progress will be steady.

Amazing Results

You can anticipate structural changes that appear to be weight loss. Elegant body lines begin to emerge. Your waistline line tapers, posture improves, circulation increases, you stand taller, remain erect and breath more efficiently. Your joints don’t hurt, you strengthen your bones, increase flexibility and strength. Your tummy looks tucked. Best of all, you’ve forged a foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness that makes you ageless.


Perfect Parts Pilates operates by “Appointment Only”.

Payment: All classes must be prepaid. Credit/Debit card are accepted. Cash is preferred.

Cancellations: A 12 hour cancellation policy is in effect. All classes and sessions must be cancelled 12 hours before the scheduled time. If not, you will be charged for the class or a class will be deducted from your prepaid series.

Late Arrivals: Clients may enter class up to 10 minutes late. Clients arriving more than 10 minutes late may not take class and will be deducted a visit from their series or charged the late cancel fee. We adhere strictly to this policy for the safety of our clients. We understand that schedules can be hectic, so we recommend allowing extra time for traffic congestion, parking and preparing for class.

Attire: Workout apparel WITHOUT zippers is fine. Grip socks must be worn in class. Bulky jewelry must be removed. Please refrain from wearing heavily scented perfume.

Class Card Expiration: Classes do not stay on your account indefinitely. A series of 5 expire in 2 months after purchase, a series of 10 in 3 months and a series of 20 in 4 months. Exceptions are made when a doctor’s note is provided.

Mobile Phones: Please silence your mobile phone before the start of class.