why is pilates ideal for seniors? 

The repertoire consists of exercises that improve the health of joints and postural alignment, eases arthritic stiffness, promotes expansive breathing, strengthens the major muscle groups, combats frailty and loss of muscle tone.  The weight-bearing movements foster bone health, better balance and a strong body-mind connection that lessens the likelihood of falls. And it's fun!  

A variety of props are used to improve concentration and challenge the class participants. The group activity promotes socialization and a sense of belonging.   Classes can be mat based or modified for a seated workout.  Either way the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is the ideal exercise regimen for sedentary seniors. 

Perfect Parts Pilates classes are currently offered weekly at SAGE Bronx and bi-weekly at Mitchel Senior Center.  Why not yours?  

If you're interested in offering Pilates at your center, complete the contact form below. You can also email dallas@perfectpartspilates.com or call 212.410.2213.


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