SMART Goals for Health and Wellness



If you're serious about getting into shape, staying in shape, or looking to have an entirely new shape, SMART goals will get you there.  Goals are smart if they're:

  • SPECIFIC  It's all in the details.  Specificity means knowing exactly what you want and when you want it. Vagueness won't work. Once you've decided, keep that desired attainment in your mind's eye, and it will happen.  It's elemental.
  • MEASURABLE  If you can't quantify your wellness goals, it's likely you're not yet clear about what you want to achieve.  Think serving size, inches, range of motion, endurance times, etc. Gather raw data and then work from there. Make projections. Make adjustments. Learn from your findings.  Celebrate your results.
  • ACHIEVABLE  Start modestly, make gains and move forward.  Setting the bar too high or too far can sabotage your best efforts.  Not challenging yourself enough robs you of the opportunity to test your resolve.
  • RELEVANT  Address your most pressing health and wellness challenge first, then do what your lifestyle and life stage calls for. 
  • TIME BASED  Set reasonable parameters for your progress; then manage yourself because time cannot be managed.

 SMART health and wellness goals are the way to start anew for a new you.