Just Hanging


Literally. This interesting looking exercise is called the Hanging Pullups. Its name couldn’t be more descriptive. Wondering how is it executed? First you stand on the Cadillac facing the Trapeze. You extend your arms up and reach for the poles directly above. Next, you jump and place your feet on the Trapeze. Whew! You made it! Now with the body positioned into a plank, a firm grip on the poles and engaged abdominals, pull your body up to the poles three to five times. Yes, you will work your biceps. After pulling up in plank, you release the head, lift the sternum and luxuriate in a total body stretch as is pictured above.

Wait! There’s more.

After this stretch, the body is lowered in a V-shape and you hang. Just let everything release. Ah, Pilates!

Dallas FuentesComment