Tiny Waist Twist

Would you like to shave an inch or two from your waist? Rotate!

Movements that feature rotation and side bending allow you to target the obliques with pinpoint accuracy if done correctly. Shown here is rotation with two props used to target the midsection musculature, ensure proper alignment and encourage the fullest range of motion. The Magic Circle employed here functions like a steering wheel, guiding the torso twist.

Performing the signature Pilates movement techniques of drawing the navel to the spine, lacing the ribs together and lengthening upwards from the crown of the head to maintain verticality while twisting, activates the “corset effect” that tapers the waistline. A slightly deflated ball is placed slightly above the knees and is firmly squeezed to ensure stability of the hips and legs during rotation.

Somebody get a tape measure!

Dallas FuentesComment