Age-defying Fitness

What is your plan for a lifetime of physical fitness? It must include the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Pilates is a systematic, sustainable, age-defying training regime that lengthens, strengthens, decompresses, tones, aligns, slenderizes, sculpts and balances the physical structure. Couple it with a positive view of your body as you age and a mind that challenges the thought that aging equals decline and you’re well on the way to sustaining optimal levels of vitality, mobility, activity.

Corrective Exercise

Because no two bodies are alike, my process features a logical progression of corrective exercises that address the structural flaws that may cause muscular and joint pain, postural strain, stiffness, loss of muscle tone. You'll practice posture improving movements that lift the torso, expand the ribcage, strengthen the back and abdomen,  promote efficient breathing. Poise, graceful movement and greater spatial awareness are a natural outcome of the beginning stages of this work. You will grow in your understanding of what it means to work from the "inside out". 

Structural Change

Working to strengthen the supportive musculature in the center of the body, lays the foundation for creating lasting structural change. The goal is to attain beauty of form through balanced proportions, to maintain a flexible spine and unveil elegant body lines.

You start with basic exercises, then progress to intermediate and advanced levels. At each stage, your body begins to gently unwind its kinks and free you from restriction.  Suppleness is restored when short, contracted muscles lengthen and regain their flexibility by the elongating action of the Pilates method. Combining mat and apparatus exercises--the best approach--immerses you in the Pilates method and produces lasting results within a short period of time.

Mindful Movement

Mastery of the Pilates technique is achieved by union of the body, mind and spirit, therefore, I place great emphasis on mindfulness. No exercising by rote here! Emphasis is on attunement and neuromuscular re-patterning, whereby with breath work, visualization, intention setting and focus, you begin to recruit the correct muscle groups that establish movement patterns that prevent strain, tension and muscle imbalances as well as provide back support, enhance body symmetry and increase abdominal strength. 

No Boring Routines 

The novel exercises performed on the Pilates apparatuses offer you great variety. Each session has different choreography, so you're never bored. The routines are creative, challenging, always fresh, mind-engaging and fun. You will learn how to incorporate the six principles of the Pilates method: centering, control, concentration, precision, flow, and breath into your practice. Combining studio instruction and at- home, self-practice accelerates your progress.